Internship Program

Indigenous Environmental Ethics and Sustainability Internship

This internship is by semester for students who study environmental ethics and sustainability, cultural studies, Native American studies, indigenous studies, conservation, environmental protection, sociology, women studies, environmental law, anthropology, natural health, landscape architecture, or healing arts. The internship provides an indigenous Native American perspective. Number of hours depends on individual class requirements. Students will be required to spend an amount of time on 500 acres of wilderness sanctuary for hands-on experience in Northwest Arkansas.

Part I

Full Birth Name: _______________________________________________________________

Preferred Name: ________________________________________________________________

Home Address: ________________________ State: ______ Zip Code: ________

Email Address: ______________________________

Phone Number: _____________________________

Age: ____ Height: ____ Gender: _______ Blood Type: ______

Pronouns: ________________________________

Date of Birth: ______________________________

Emergency Contact Name: _______________________

Emergency Contact Phone Number: _________________

Health Issues/ Disabilities: ________________________________________________________

General Health Status:

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

Special Diet Requirements: ___________________________________________
Ethnicity: ______________________________________________________________

Economic Background (Working class, middle class, etc.): _____________________________

How would you describe your work ethic?


Brief Work Experience History: _____________________________________

Education/ Training: ____________________________________________________________

Hobbies/Interests/Skills: _____________________________________________


First and Second Languages: ______________________________________________________

Life Goals (Short Term/ Long Term): ________________________________________________________________________


References and Reference Letter (2):

Name: __________________ Relationship: ___________________ Contact: _______________

Name: __________________ Relationship: ___________________ Contact: _______________

References MUST BE sent to: Subject of email should be: Arco Iris Internship/ “Name of Intern”

Stewardship and Sustainability Internship

Part II

Reading Requirement:

  • One is the Sun by Patricia Warren

Part III

“Why do I want to do this Internship?”

“How do I intend to use this training?”

Must be a minimum of one typed page

Part IV

Part I and Part III MUST BE RECEIVED and a personal interview (telephone, video, or in-person) will be scheduled with Maria Christina Moroles, Aguila.

Part V

Signing of Commitment Pledge and Liability Release Form

To find out more, fill out the form below: 

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